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Heritage module of the DSA-Earthen architecture, Grenoble (France)

The DSA «Earthen Architecture» is ongoing in Grenoble. The training is combining theoretical courses in the ENSAG premises and practical activities in the field. Despite the pandemic, most of the courses were held in class rather than online, allowing students to benefit from the knowledges from their fellow students as well as from the teachers.

The one-month module on heritage conservation, for example, included two weeks of fieldwork in the village of Saint-André-le-Gaz in the Isère department to study and conserve a rammed earth barn representative of the regional heritage and presenting common pathologies.

On this occasion, the students produced a report aimed at providing avenues for understanding, appreciating and managing this common heritage.


Abstract of the report:

Identifying material of the pre-industrial built environment of North Isère, rammed earth heritage today faces multiple challenges: changes in lifestyles, loss of knowledge and know-how related to maintenance, restoration and rammed earth construction, regulatory constraints, laborious implementation, development and competition of industrial construction materials, mixing of populations and loss of local memories, etc.

Without knowing, wanting or being able to preserve it, it is a part of our heritage that tends to disappear from our landscapes and our memories. However, when it comes to thinking about the future of the urban, economic and cultural development of a municipality such as that of Saint-André-le-Gaz, rammed earth is proving to be a resource material, pledge of a sustainable future.

The following document aims to provide avenues for understanding, appreciating and managing this common heritage.


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