[Conference] Making Earth Into Architecture, Invitation to a talk by CRAterre (AlUla, 15 December)

Date : Wednesday 15 December 2021

Time : 7:30 PM

Location : Mabiti AlUla

As part of the weekly public program of the AlUla Art Residency, we are delighted to invite you to « Making Earth Into Architecture », a talk by CRAterre a French non-profit working on earthen architecture.

Anis Saoudi, architect and urbanist at CRAterre, will present earthen archiecture in all its diversity, thoughout the world and in AlUla. He will also focus on the potential reintefration of this style of architecture in AlUla and present how vernacular styles are paving their way into a global reflection to redesign the trajectory of the construction setor, more in line with the environmental, cultural, social and économic challenges of our current societies.

CRAterre is the international center for earthen architecture and is a member of the UNESCO Chaire « Earthen architectures, building cultures and sustainable development ». Since 1979, the organization has worked towards the recognition of earth materials as a valid response to the challenges linked to the protection of the environment and the preservation of cultural diversity. CRAterre developped activites in more than a hundered countries and has a longstanding experience in Saudi Arabia. Amongst other projects, CRAterre worked on the conservation guideline and the archaeological surveys of the Old Town of AlUla since 2019 and on the coordination of the 2021-2030 management plan for the Dadan archaeological site.

Anis Saoudi’s presentation will be moderated by Talin Hazbar, one of the artists-in-residence. The talk be in Arabic, with the presentation slides in English.

For further information, call +966507102728 or email vixtoria.dadboub@manifesto.pars

Operator : Manifesto

Co-organizers : Royal Commission For AlUla, AFALULA

Partner : CRAterre

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