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Versus Plus, heritage for people : educational tools to transmit heritage values

CRATERRE, UPA, UNICA, UNIFI, UPT, RAKOTOMAMONJY, Bakonirina, MORISET, Sébastien, SANCHEZ MUNOZ, Nuria, 2022. VERSUS Plus, Heritage for people, Educational tools to transmit heritage values. Villefontaine : CRAterre. 68 p. ISBN 979-10-96446-44-5.



The VERSUS + project (2019-2023) is a continuation of the VERSUS project (2013- 2015) which described the lessons to be drawn from vernacular heritage to produce sustainable architecture. This continuation of the project, carried out by The UPV (Spain), the ESG (Portugal), the DIDA, the DICAAR (Italy) and CRAterre (France), enhances the didactic tools that allow these values to be transmitted to the greatest number of people.

This booklet coordinated by CRAterre presents 20 playful and interactive teaching tools that the partners have been using for years. All professionals wishing to transmit the values of heritage can use them. This collection does not impose fixed exercises but invites the reader to be creative in teaching by proposing very diverse forms of learning where manual work is very present. The proposed activities can easily be reformulated to suit the time, the human, cultural and material resources available. Each of the 20 exercises is explained in the form of illustrated sheets. A table summarises the criteria that all the exercises meet, in terms of target audience (9 categories), scale of intervention (7 categories) and sustainability principles (15 VERSUS principles). Links to websites and a bibliography provide access to further information for those who seek such information.



ENSAG-CRAterre :Bakonirina Rakotomamonjy, Sebastien Moriset, Nuria Sánchez Munoz, Manon Mabille, Audrey Carbonnelle, Arnaud Misse

UPV / Universitat Politecnica de Valencia, Spain : Camilla Mileto, Fernando Vegas, Valentina Cristini, Lidia García Soriano, Guillermo Guimaraens, Marina Elia, María Lidón de Miguel

UNICA / Universita degli studi di Cagliari, Italy : Maddalena Achenza, Ivan Blečić, Alice Agus, Amanda Rivera Vidal

UNIFI / Universita degli studi di Firenze, Italy :Letizia Dipasquale, Saverio Mecca, Alessandro Merlo, Luisa Rovero, Matteo Zambelli, Gaia Lavoratti, Alessandro Manghi, Lucia Montoni, Edoardo Ferrari

UPT / DAMG / Universidade Portucalense, Portugal : Mariana Correia, Isabel Freitas, Ana Lima, Gilberto Duarte Carlos, Mónica Alcindor, Rui Florentino, Emília Simao, Goreti Sousa, Telma Ribeiro


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