GDA Sidi Amor Summer School “Green Building & earthen construction” (Sidi Amor, Tunisia – 2nd-21st July 2023)

The Sidi Amor Summer School in its 2023 edition (Monday July 3 / Sunday July 21) takes up the theme of earth construction from 2 angles:

  • Modern : the material in the form of a stabilized compressed earth block (BTCS).
  • Traditional : Arches, vaults and domes.


Module 1: Theoretical & practical bases (July 3 to 7)

  •  Learning the basics of sustainable and ecological architecture.
  • Discovery of retaining techniques and construction of earthen walls.
  •  Manufacture of mud bricks: Adobes, BTCs, etc.

Module 2: Arches, vaults and domes 1/2 (July 10 to 14)

  • Introduction to the construction of walls, arches, vaults and domes.
  • Theoretical and practical sessions.
  • Site management and team building.

Module 3: Arches, vaults and domes 2/2 (July 17 to 21)

  • Introduction to the construction of walls, arches, vaults and domes.
  • Theoretical and practical sessions.
  • Site management and team building.

Parallel workshops

In parallel with the central theme of earthen construction, workshops will be offered to teach themes related to eco-construction or green building:


  1. Module: Management of green waste (Composting). Chedly Gafsi and Haidar Ben Hasen.
  2. Module: Waste management, gray water . Sanitation of domestic wastewater using an ecological process: the Ecoflo concept. Mr. Marouene Turki (SNAC WT).
  3. Module: Urban agriculture. Nurturing City concept : hydroponics, aquaponics, nature in the city. Facilitators: Hedi Segond (landscape designer), Walid Haddouk and Taieb Ben Miled (Sidi Amor residents/local actors).
  4. An original experience: Production of indigenous edible mushrooms on a small scale. Dr Soumeya Boudegua, Pr Atef Jaouani (ISSBAT-Tunis).
  5. Module: Valorization of the earth as a sustainable eco-material by adding rush fibres. Dr Houssem Naili (Chief Civil Engineering, University of Carthage).
  6. Module: Water management in green building . Issam Mansouri (Architect / UIK).
  7. Module: national energy transition strategy in the building sector in Tunisia through the promotion of green buildings . Mr. Mounir Bahri, President TGBC.
  8. Module: Circular Economy . Practical examples at GDA Sidi Amor, around treated wastewater; ecological construction using local materials and waste. Minutes of the Athens Congress June 23 “Circular Economy & Waste Water” by Pr Atef Jaouani (ISSBAT).
  9. About the European twinning program to support the Tunisian government in the field of eco-construction ten years after its implementation. Session led by Eric Laitat (European expert, designer of the program).


The trainers

With Satprem Maïni, GDA trainers and a whole network of experts will accompany the participants and lead the theoretical and practical sessions.

Satprem Maïni will be the main animator of this summer school.

A graduate of training in raw earth construction at the Grenoble school of architecture, Satprem Maïni has shone through his expertise in 36 countries. In 1989, he created the Auroville Earth Institute in India, which trained 11,600 trainees from 82 countries in earthen architecture. An undisputed specialist in BTC, he has developed various techniques based on stabilized earth, including an earthquake-resistant system, and has shown constructive genius by daringly creating arches, vaults and domes. Since 2000, he has represented the UNESCO Chair “Earthen Architectures” in Asia. His experience is masterfully taught in schools of architecture and he has just been honored among the 10 contemporary pioneers of earthen architecture.


Jebel Sidi Amor
Cebalat Ben Ammar 2081
Tunis, Tunisia


July 2-21, 2023


Start: May 20, 2023.

Deadline: June 11, 2023.

Fees & Accommodation

Costs, excluding accommodation, catering : €500 per module/week; participants in the 3 modules will be able to benefit from a reduction.

Total 3 weeks: 1250 €.

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