Chaire UNESCO - Terre Architecture de terre et développement des territoires



L’Ecole Nationale d’Architecture de Marrakech met en place l’été 2016, en collaboration avec la Wilaya Marrakech-Safi, le Conseil Régional Marrakech-Safi, le Conseil Communal Marrakech Medina, le Conseil Communal Mechouar Kasbah, la Direction Régionale de la Culture Marrakech-Safi, l’Union REMPART, l’Association Al Muniya Marrakech, et sous l’égide...


BASEhabitat Inernational Summer School

ON MODERN EARTHEN ARCHITECTURE AND BAMBOO CONSTRUCTIONS will take place in Austria from 18. July – 1. August 2016 Learning by doing – experiment in PRACTICAL WORKSHOPS how to build with earth and bamboo. MATERIAL SCIENCE classes show details about sustainable building materials. In THEORY...


UNESCO Chair Arquitectura de tierra, culturas constructivas y desarrollo sostenible : videos

The UNESCO Chair Arquitectura de tierra, culturas constructivas y desarrollo sostenible displayed 3 new videos on Youtube: – “La conservación de las fortificaciones de tapia en Shark Al-Andalus” impartida por Alba Soler Estrela el 11 de abril de 2014 – “Ciudades de tierra. El oasis...


Auroville Earth Institute’s November Newsletter

  The Auroville Earth Institute in South India is pleased to share its November newsletter with the earth building community. You can view it as a PDF file here. Please feel free to download it, print it and share it.


Ouvrages sur Cuenca

Deux nouveaux documents vous sont proposés en téléchargement sur le site de CRAterre: – Orientaciones para la conservacion de inmuebles patrimoniales de tierra en Cuenca – Movilización de mujeres y jóvenes en la transmisión de las técnicas tradicionales para la preservación de la arquitectura de...


EBUKI Ireland Inaugural Conference

To celebrate the growth of EBUKI and incorporation of Ireland we will be hosting an inaugural conference in Sligo, Ireland. This conference, organised in association with IT Sligo,  will include talks as well as demonstrations that will be accessible to all that are either currently...

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Omicron courtyards

Fair trade meets regionalism. The project, 3 sculptures that serve as meeting rooms for the workers, is a commitment to support craftsmanship locally as well as in Bangladesh and in India. The aim is to create an atmospheric space of high quality for the employees...


Terra 2016: inscriptions / registrations / inscriptiones

Les inscriptions à TERRA2016 (XIIe Congrès mondial sur les Architectures de terre, 11 – 14 Juillet 2016, Centre de Congrès / Lyon / France) sont désormais ouvertes. Toutes les informations sur la procédure sont disponibles à : N’hésitez pas à nous contacter à


Conferencia “La caña como material de construcción: interpretación e innovación en la arquitectura contemporánea”

Desde la Cátedra UNESCO de Arquitectura de tierra, culturas constructivas y desarrollo sostenible os enviamos la información relativa a la primera conferencia del ciclo de este curso 2015-2016. La conferencia tendrá lugar el viernes 02 de octubre a las 13h en la Sala de Proyecciones...


Submissions to Terra Award

Submission to Terra Award till Thursday, November 26, 2015 You have built on one of the 5 continents one or more earthen constructions in adobe, cob, CEB or rammed earth. We would be delighted to include them in our prize list! What can you win?...


Project SOStierra

The research project SOStierra “Restoration and rehabilitation of the traditional earthen architecture in the iberic peninsula” is concentrating on the possibilities of sustainable restoration and rehabilitation remaining respectful of the traditional earthen architecture. For more information:

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UNESCO Chair and the UNITWIN network: report of activities 2014

The UNESCO Chair annual report of activities 2014 « Earthen architecture, building cultures and sustainable development » is a collective report that has been elaborated with contributions of several institutions, members of the UNITWIN network. This report gives a global vision of the activities of the Chair...


The conservation of the World Heritage properties : a major challenge for Mali

The Malian cultural heritage has been suffering unprecedentedly during the crisis. For UNESCO, the government of Mali and its partners, the essential role that the cultural heritage is playing in the peace process and the social cohesion is evident. The rehabilitation of the damaged cultural...